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National Debt : Fiscal Discipline

In the 2024 fiscal year our government is projected to bring in 4.848 trillion and spend 745 billion of that amount on interest alone. 

The federal government can't continue spending nearly 1/6th of taxpayer dollars on interest each year. Government must shrink until it's affordable.

It can be done. We must elect senators who are committed to making it happen.

The law of the harvest and the free market have led to the greatest economically prosperous and innovative nation in the history of the world. The federal government has increasingly interfered with our free market, spending money it doesn’t have, fueling inflation and stifling our capitalist production. 


As a senator, I will:

  • Advocate for a balanced budget constitutional amendment.

  • Support spending and executive branch regulating limitations, such as those found in the REINs act.

  • Work to eliminate “Too big to fail” bailouts. Enact claw back provisions for management of bailed out companies. There must be accountability to discourage repeat offenses.

  • Re-allocate 1 to 1.5 million federal employees to the private sector, where they are sorely needed.

Religious Liberty

We have dozens of great religions in this country. I hope faithful people of all religions will live their religions and vote the values taught in their churches. The moral-relativist secularism quasi-religion seems bent on becoming the state religion for our country, with a militant aim of rejecting public policies that are good for the country if they also promote faith in God. But we are truly "one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all." Faith in God is undeniably intertwined with the success of this country, as alluded to in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and as invoked at least once in the Constitution of all 50 states. I am immutably committed to protecting the freedom of worship promised by our Constitution. It is vital to our success as a nation. 


Supposed “separation of church and state” ideology has run wild. There is a movement to infringe upon our freedom of religion and speech. God and faith have been an integral part of our nation’s history and identity. We have dozens of great religions in this country whose adherents often feel disenfranchised in the public square. My message as a senator is to live your religion, whatever it is, and never shelf your faith in the public sphere or ballot box. We live in a time where miracles are needed, and “faith precedes miracles.”

Strong Families

Strong families are the fundamental unit of a successful society. Because we love our wives, mothers, daughters, and children, I will not support legal protections for social convenience abortion. Paternal accountability, support for single mothers, and sanctuary hospitals for abandoned babies are the Utah way.

I will always advocate policies that will support, strengthen, and incentivize the traditional family unit as the fundamental unit of society. The greatest factor determining the social, economic, intellectual, and emotional success of children is whether they are raised by both a father and mother who honor their marital vows with complete fidelity. Our national security is threatened when the next generation is missing mother or father at home.

I support marriage between a man and a woman. And I consider it vital that our lawmakers understand that each of us is male or female. I consider the Obergefell decision to be a lamentable and poor judgment by the Supreme Court. I strongly supported a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman when that amendment was being discussed on the national stage.

Life is sacred: Elective abortion should not be protected by the law. Children and their mothers should be. Utah abortion laws as passed by Utah's legislature are an appropriate model for the nation. 


We are a nation of compassionate people and we have a desire to help refugees and to see immigrants come in and enjoy the greatness that is America. 

We must have a secure border, allowing immigrants to enter legally. The number of “gotaways” has more than tripled in the past 3 years. An insecure border is affecting our housing industry, healthcare system, and contributing to an overall culture of lawlessness. It is a crisis that I will work to address on day one. No immigrant should begin their stay in the United States with an illegal act. 

The problem is compounded by a corresponding spike in fentanyl and illicit drugs coming through the border into our country. I support the border wall and bolstering the border patrol with military as needed to keep citizens and immigrants safe and restore order to our border. We can't have "sanctuary cities." A house divided against itself cannot stand.

We love immigrants. Because we care about our citizens and prospective citizens I will staunchly advocate to:​


  • Complete construction of needed barrier/wall.

  • Defund sanctuary cities

  • Institute a national E-Verify system.

  • Exponentially increase deportations.

  • Mobilize our military to eliminate drug/human trafficking cartels.

Economic Reforms

I believe the SEC needs to police publicly traded companies and Wall Street more effectively. I will work to modify corporate bankruptcy laws to include executive clawback provisions and to clamp down on insider trading. Our laws cannot allow unscrupulous individuals to reap rewards of success while being cushioned by laws allowing them to pass the risks of failure on to taxpayers. It can't be the taxpayer's burden to bail out speculation at Silicon Valley Bank, or mismanagement of General Motors in the late 2000s, or the sub-prime mortgage gambles of the 2000s. The economy will thrive as laws require accountability and honesty instead of picking winners and losers through government bailouts.

Corporate governance/taxes


As a senator, I will:

  • Advocate legislation to amend corporate bankruptcy laws. Too many “elites” specialize in gaming creditors and shareholders, using their skills to speculate and pass risk off to banks, shareholders, and taxpayers when their gambles are unsuccessful.

  • Eliminate “carried interest” tax provisions. Investment firm executives are in the business of investment, and their commissions should be taxed as ordinary income.

Getting more into the details

USA Flag

Eliminate, Privatize, and Send  Back to the States.

We don't need a Federal Department of Education.

Utah Values


  • We don't gamble

  • We don't drink (much)

  • We Emphasize Education

  • We have kids

  • We put Family First

  • We have a lot of Charitable donations

  • We have less abortions

Ask me "What would you have done, and what will you do?"

The Republican Platform

"We recognize that God is important in the public sphere"

The Border

Federal Overreach during "Emergencies"

We need to have oversight on how tax dollars are spent.

Americans must be involved in how American dollars are spent, even over seas.


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