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A Message to Utah from Josh Randall

Dear Utahns,

Washington DC needs an infusion of faith, family values, and fiscal discipline. We need to balance our budget and secure our border.

Balancing a budget is complex and the solutions are not always popular. To make it happen the federal government must return to its core functions as explicitly laid out in the Constitution. We need large, sweeping changes to the culture of DC. I will work with right-minded Congressmen to re-allocate 1 to 1.5 million federal employees to the private sector, eliminate unconstitutional agencies and programs, and privatize or send the remainder of them back to the states.

If our Senators continue compromising on debt ceiling suspensions, continued resolutions and appropriations that exceed our revenues, the citizens of our country will lose faith in those who are holding the purse. Faith is perhaps the greatest need we have in this country. Faith in God, faith in our country, and faith that we can foster greater unity and progress for the generations to come.

I will help restore that faith. I will not forsake our country’s faith in God, compromise our family values, or set aside our Constitution. I know how to tackle the complex issues we’re confronted with, and perhaps more importantly, I will work non-stop to persuade 99 other Senators to join me in doing it.


Utah can make the difference if we have two strong senators that know what makes our state and country great. Our senators must know how to articulate Utah’s Republican platform in persuasive ways, overcoming false narratives, and restoring faith in the free market democratic system of government that has produced the most innovative and successful nation in the history of the world. God bless America.

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