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As a CPA I've worked in accounting for various oil and gas companies, and worked in auditing for both federal and state agencies. I love a balanced budget.


I'm an optimist. I believe we can heal misunderstandings and bridge partisan divides building on the shared values of all Americans. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Live and vote with faith, never shelving your religious values, and we'll prosper to greater heights than our country has ever achieved. "One nation, under God."

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To Help Restore Faith in our Country

It has been said that "it would take a miracle to get partisan bickering to stop in Congress." Or "it would take a miracle for Republicans and Democrats to fix our national budget, the ideological divides are too great."


I agree with the sentiment that indeed, it does require a miracle to bridge divides, repair offenses, and heal nations that are embroiled in controversy and misunderstanding between political factions with strongly held beliefs. 


It takes those same type of miracles to strengthen relationships in families, communities and neighborhoods everywhere. My goal is to bring to Washington my deep conviction that these miracles can and do happen every day. We can all improve and bridge divides, even in Congress. That is my mission.

Why I Care

I was raised in an idyllic town in Cache Valley. I love the people of that area who worked hard together to create a special community. Hyde Park is a beautiful city close to scenic mountains, farmlands, rivers and streams.

What made it most special though were the families. I’ve seen firsthand how wonderful life can be when a community is built upon strong families.


Utah is a state rooted in strong family values. Our senators need to bring those strengths to Washington DC.

In the past 50 years the Supreme Court and Congress have often slipped away from Utah values. Values like “self reliance,” “living within your means,” “saying no to drugs,” “living your religion”, “putting God and family first,” “every baby is a miracle,” have been fading from the priorities and vernacular of our government.

Congress should seek to support and re-enshrine these values. Too many laws are teaching destructive philosophies and lifestyles.

My commitment is to champion legislation that upholds families as the fundamental building block of our country. I will be fiercely dedicated to work with all people to gather consensus and pass good laws without compromising the values that make our nation great.


As a husband and father of six young children I am personally invested in creating a government and laws that work with and not against strong families.

I love the great family-friendly communities of Utah and I will be an unfaltering advocate for our families in DC.

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