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Poll results show 52% undecided and 2% for Josh Randall

Looks like I just need to change my last name to "Don't Know" and I'd be winning in a landslide.😅

"If the Republican primary for US senate were held today, for whom would you vote?

Don’t Know: 52% 

John Curtis: 18% 

Brent Orrin Hatch: 14% 

Brad Wilson: 8% 

Trent Staggs: 3% 

Josh Randall: 2% 

Six other candidates with 1% or 0% support. "

Deseret News says the Senate race is "up for grabs." It definitely is.

I don't know how much the news articles will quote me or other candidates, but below are a few comments in response to the poll.

My wife and I frequently say we're running on a platform of Faith, Family, and Fiscal Discipline. We're firmly committed to these values. We know that Utahns are also committed to these values and have been thrilled as they have increasingly joined us in spreading our campaign message. For those who haven't already acquainted themselves with our platform, I invite you to reach out to me and view our website at to see how I will apply that platform as a Senator and public servant to my fellow Utahns.

I'm a different type of candidate, and I am confident that we need more "different" right now in our nation's capitol. 

We try to run a very transparent campaign. Fiscally and socially conservative. I'm dedicated to assuring that voters know what they're getting when they vote for Josh Randall. I want to be an open book, and I value the opinions of all 3.338 million people in this state. I hope they all feel welcome to voice their questions, concerns, comments or ideas in the public arena. Nobody's a nobody.  

I love Utah, our country, our heritage of faith, and our families. If I can answer any questions, or clarify anything please don't hesitate to contact me.

Josh Randall

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