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Josh Randall for Senate

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Josh is for small government. A government that isn't any larger than absolutely necessary. A federal government whose primary roles are defensive in nature, to protect our property, life, liberties and pursuit of happiness. He supports a frugal government, insists on a balanced budget, and feels a moral obligation to protect and leave our country better for our children. Josh recognizes that good laws are required for freedom. In addition to promoting good laws he recognizes that "No" votes are often needed, even when unpopular, to prevent passage of bad laws. Josh believes in major government revenue/tax code simplification, like a flat income tax on a 3-row tax return. Josh insists on and exemplifies living with a balanced budget. Josh believes legislation surrounding social issues has added to moral decay in our country, and recognizes that our constitution is inadequate for an immoral people. Accordingly, he emphasizes that marriage is between a man and a woman, elective abortion is not an acceptable form of birth control, recreational drug/alcohol use along with gambling and marital infidelity and other vices are destroying us. Josh accordingly encourages people to live and vote their religious values and principles in order to combat the militant moral-relativist secularism that is so crippling to our families and nation.

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